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Conference Championship Picks
Its Conference Championship weekend and only three NFL games remain on the schedule. This is a bittersweet time of the year with the Super Bowl being close enough to touch while Week 1 of next season remains nine months away. Another downside to Round 3 of the NFL Playoffs is no Saturday games. On a side note, I heard/read somewhere that Seattle beat New Orleans a couple weeks ago because the game was played on a Saturday, and everybody knows Pete Carroll does his best coaching on Saturdays (Kudos to whoever said that). Luckily for the Bears the NFL scheduled the ‘Hawks/Bears game on a Sunday, rendering Pete Carroll’s talents irrelevant…Continue Reading

January 23, 2011

Divisional Playoffs Picks
The NFL Playoffs are only one week old and I already give up. Wildcard Weekend was like the ending of The Sixth Sense. It was shocking to find out Bruce Willis had always been dead, but the clues are pretty obvious with a second viewing of the film.

–And no, I didn’t forget a SPOILER ALERT. The movie came out 12 years ago. If you haven’t seen it yet, I’m surprised you were able to stumble onto the internet... Continue Reading

January 15, 2011

Wildcard Weekend Picks
The NFL Playoffs begin this weekend featuring two teams nobody* predicted to be playing this time of year. Of course nobody* thought Seattle would win the NFC West. I use an asterisk after “nobody” because I correctly picked the Seahawks to take that division. For the record, I’m not that excited with the pick because, well, they finished 7-9. However, I am happy that I didn’t drink the 49ers kool-aid at the beginning of the year. Why so many people put faith in Mike Singletary and Alex Smith will be a mystery for years to come… Continue Reading

January 7, 2011

Week 16 Picks
COWBOYS (-7.5) over Cardinals

Ever since Jason Garrett has taken over the Cowboys have played like a top-10 team. Their only question mark has been their defense. They have given up a ton of points, but it’s hard to play shut down defense against New Orleans, Indianapolis, and Philadelphia. John Skelton hasn’t shown any signs that he is capable of carving up the Dallas secondary the way Rex Grossman (gulp) did last week… Continue Reading

December 25, 2010

Week 15 Picks
Quick picks for NFL Week 15.

RAMS (-3) over Chiefs

Texans (+1.5) over TITANS Continue Reading

December 19, 2010

Week 13 Picks Al Davis
VIKINGS (-5.5) over Bills

Count me as somewhat inspired by the Leslie Frazier era in Minnesota. Also, way too many people are picking Buffalo to cover. I’m scared of the Bills, but I’ll take a chance with a new coach and a rejuvenated Metrodome crowd… Continue Reading

December 5, 2010

Week 11 Picks
Quick Picks For Week 11

Bills (+5) over BENGALS

COWBOYS (-7) over Lions Continue Reading

November 21, 2010

Week 10 Picks
COLTS (-7) over Bengals

I really like the Colts, but I’m afraid of garbage time touchdowns from Ocho and TO.

JAGUARS (-1.5) over Texans

Tough call. I like the Jags at home after the bye week… Continue Reading

November 13, 2010

Week 9 Picks
FALCONS (-8) over Buccaneers

The Falcons haven’t lost at home this season. Tampa Bay hasn’t lost on the road this season. By God, something has to give! Here’s the deal, Tampa Bay isn’t very good. Their three road wins came against Carolina, Cincinnati, and Arizona. Carolina is the worst team in the NFL, Carson Palmer and Max Hall gift wrapped the Bucs two wins, and seriously their best running back is LeGarrette Blount… Continue Reading

November 5, 2010


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